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For over 7000 years, winemakers have crafted their elixirs without the aid of artificial temperature control. This tradition harks back to an era when ingenuity and resourcefulness were the guiding principles. In a world where refrigerants and elaborate temperature-regulating systems are readily available, some vintners have chosen to stay true to this time-honored practice. By embracing the inherent cooling properties of cold night air and the nurturing warmth of daytime, these winemakers are rekindling a connection with nature that has defined their craft for millennia.
Central to this approach is the concept of micro-fermentations. These intricate processes involve the use of small 650 and 1300 liter fermenters, creating a high ratio of grape-to-air contact. This allows the yeast to “breathe” and facilitates the dissipation of the heat generated during fermentation. By keeping fermentation temperatures lower, the winemakers achieve a delicate balance. The precious aromas locked within the grapes are preserved, avoiding the risk of being lost through excessive heat. This painstaking attention to detail ensures that the final product carries the true essence of the grape, capturing its nuances and aromatic intricacies.
In an age marked by rapid technological advancement, it is truly refreshing to witness winemakers who choose to honor tradition. Natural temperature control and micro-fermentations, along with the enduring use of the basket press, represent a homage to the roots of winemaking. Through these methods, the essence of the grape is safeguarded, and the resulting wines tell stories of craftsmanship, patience, and a profound respect for nature. As we raise our glasses to savor the complexities of these wines, let us also raise a toast to the vintners who, amidst the modern whirlwind, continue to embrace the elegance of time-tested techniques.

Country    USA

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The Eyrie Vineyards




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