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Wiltingen, Germany​

Van Volxem: Embracing Timelessness in Winemaking

At Van Volxem, the spirit of timelessness prevails, guiding every endeavor. They firmly believe that while there are many things that can be done differently, there are also many practices that cannot be improved upon, as they have been perfected on steep slopes over thousands of years. Unwavering commitment lies in crafting authentic, handcrafted wines that are fermented by wild yeasts and made without the use of fining agents.

The vision is to revive and recreate the exceptional worldwide reputation that Saar wines enjoyed around 1900. They aim to achieve this by returning to the traditional artisanal crafts that once defined their wines. They invite you to share their passion for wine by experiencing the captivating essence of Saar wines from exceptional vineyard sites.

The original Van Volxem winery is nestled in the historic center of Wiltingen on the banks of the Saar River. It traces its roots back to a Roman villa complex, and fragments of this rich history can still be seen on the site today. The estate’s vineyards were initially planted by the Romans in the 3rd century, in the prime slate sites of the Saar region. These vineyards, among the oldest steep slopes, were rediscovered by monks in the 11th century and eventually became part of a monastery winery under the Jesuit order in the 17th century.

Following the turbulence of the French Revolution, van Volxem nurtured the estate and transformed it into one of the most renowned wineries in the German Empire. By the early 1900s, Saar wines, including those from Mosel, had soared in value, becoming highly sought-after luxury items. Van Volxem reached the zenith of its success, earning its place on numerous international wine lists from that era.

In 2000, after four generations in the van Volxem family, Roman Niewodniczanski assumed ownership of the winery. With a deep appreciation for restoration and expansion, Niewodniczanski acquired prime vineyard sites, enriching the estate further. In 2004, Dominik Völk joined the team as estate manager, sharing a commitment to preserve the history of this cherished estate. They seek to build upon the rich traditions and past innovations that have shaped Van Volxem.

Country     Germany

Address    Zum Schlossberg 347, 54459 Wiltingen, Germany

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Van Volxem

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