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Oberhausen an der Nahe, Germany

The Dönnhoff Family proudly calls Oberhausen an der Nahe home, as they have been deeply captivated by the majestic landscapes of the Nahe Valley for over 250 years. The first official mention of the Dönnhoff name dates back to 1761, and their family history book recounts remarkable moments like the flourishing of 1781 and a bountiful grape harvest in 1784.

The cornerstone for the estate’s success was laid by Helmut Dönnhoff’s grandfather, who initiated a legacy that would thrive for generations. Hermann Dönnhoff (1880-1953) focused on planting Riesling vines in prestigious vineyards and, by the 1920s, began bottling and selling these exceptional wines under individual vineyard names.

The family owes a debt of gratitude to Hermann Jr. (1916-1991) for his contributions, not only in cultivating the esteemed “Oberhäuser Brücke” site but also for the construction of the press house in 1936 and the estate’s first cellar space. In recognition of their outstanding viticultural achievements, the estate received a Merit of Honor from the government in 1953.

Today, the Dönnhoff family continues to cherish their heritage and remains devoted to crafting wines that embody the essence of the Nahe Valley’s terroir. With a passion that has been passed down through generations, they are committed to upholding excellence and tradition, inviting wine enthusiasts to join them on an extraordinary journey through the wonders of their home in the Nahe Valley.

Country    Germany

Address Bahnhofstraße 11, 55585 Oberhausen an der Nahe, Germany

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