Weingut A. Christmann

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Haardtrand, Germany

Their family has been working in the vineyards around Gimmeldingen since the 16th century. 1798, the French Revolution changes the Palatinate, one of their ancestors takes the chance and founded the winery. The experience of more than 220 vintages is passed on from generation to generation and is the basis of their work. Today they are still a family winery, but their work would not be possible without their committed employees. They are their right and left hand in the cellar, in the vineyard and in contact with the customers. Their work is based on the common belief that they can only be satisfied with the best.

They are not only the soil for their vines to grow on but also tell the story of many generations before them, who have made them part of the great cultural landscape of the Mittelhaardt with their work. The famous traditional sites of Pfalz lie between Neustadt and Kallstadt. The hills of the Haardtrand have brought forth wines of the highest quality for centuries. Their winery is located in the south of the region. Each of their vineyards is a very special place for them, why we cherish their indivduality.

Country     Germany

Address    Peter-Koch-Str. 43, 67435 Gimmeldingen

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Sophie Christmann

Women Wine Leaders

The father-daughter duo, Steffen and Sophie, who manage the winery today. Sophie has only really been involved since 2018, before that she studied and collected ideas in other wineries around the world. Sophie, who graduated from Geisenheim University with a degree in viticulture and oenology, is Steffen’s avid apprentice and right hand. Having worked in the Pfalz, the Nahe, and Baden, as well as in Bordeaux and Australia, she applies her worldly experience at Weingut Christmann.



Weingut A. Christmann

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