Roebuck Estates

Winery Star

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Petworth, United Kingdoms

Established in 2013 near Petworth in West Sussex, Roebuck Estates is a winery founded by two friends with a shared passion for exceptional wine. Their vision was to create outstanding vintage sparkling wines annually, using fruit grown on their own estate from the finest vineyard sites. With diverse soil types across their five parcels of land, each vineyard contributes unique characteristics to the blends, resulting in a wide range of stylistic elements in their classic English sparkling wines.

Roebuck Estates’ vineyards, situated within the South Downs National Park, provide a natural habitat for a variety of wildlife, including wildflowers, deer, hares, and birds. The winery places great importance on environmental sustainability, aiming to minimize their impact and promote conservation and biodiversity. Their commitment to protecting the environment is evident in everything they do.

With their dedicated vineyard team overseeing the vineyards, Roebuck Estates ensures the production of the finest fruit for their wines each growing season. These team members, often unsung heroes, bring their extensive knowledge and experience to maintain the vineyards and contribute to the winery’s award-winning vintage sparkling wines. At Roebuck Estates, their primary focus is on crafting the very best English vintage sparkling wines, achieved through collaborations with renowned winemakers and meticulous attention to detail. Indulge in their exceptional vintages, such as the award-winning 2013 and 2016 Classic Cuvée, the indulgent 2015 Blanc de Noirs, and the elegant 2017 Rosé de Noirs, and experience the finesse and complexity they offer.

Year           2013

Country     United Kingdoms

Address    Roebuck Estates, Upperton Farm, Tillington, Petworth



Roebuck Estates



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