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Brescia, Italy

Welcome to Mosnel Winery, situated in the heart of Franciacorta, where a rich winemaking heritage dating back to 1836 thrives. This historic estate showcases a 16th-century residence, ancient wine cellars, and sprawling vineyards that exemplify the longstanding traditions passed down through generations of the Barboglio family. Emanuela Barboglio, a visionary figure, revolutionized the winery by establishing specialized vineyards and adopting the esteemed Franciacorta DOC designation in 1968. Renamed Mosnel in 1976, the winery is now led by the fifth generation, Giulio Barzanò and Lucia Barzanò, who oversee production, sales, marketing, and administration. With a team of dedicated professionals and expert consultants, Mosnel ensures meticulous attention to detail, continuously improving its winemaking techniques and cherishing the journey of transforming their grapes into sheer excitement.

Mosnel Winery, with its 16th-century cellars and rich winemaking traditions since 1836, stands as a testament to timeless charm. Under Emanuela Barboglio’s guidance, the winery embraced the Franciacorta DOC in 1968, producing exceptional, high-quality wines. Today, her children, Giulio and Lucia Barzanò, continue this legacy, employing organic grapes from their 41-hectare estate vineyards. With meticulous attention to detail, Mosnel crafts wines of elegance, complexity, and exceptional aging potential, utilizing specialized techniques and oak fermentation. Each bottle embodies the unwavering dedication to quality and offers a true expression of the Franciacorta terroir.

Year           1836

Country     Italy

Address    Via Giuseppe Cesare Abba, 38, 25050 Camignone BS

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Certificate Of Excellence

The Winery Star Certificate is an award of excellence for wineries around the world. The certificate is issued for quality and expertise in the wine industry and is a great and valuable asset for wineries.

It is awarded to wineries that have been recommended by Wine Leaders around the world. It gives a boost in the level of credibility in the global wine community and it is a great way to strengthen the winery image.

Buyers, distributors, business partners and even travelers are more eager to contact awarded wineries to buy their wines and visit the winery. 

The certificate displays wineries name and relevant year, it can be shared on website, social media or used for promotional purposes. It is also possible to receive the framed version by post. 

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