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New Delhi, India

As the sun set on a warm afternoon in 2006, the seeds of a new dream bloomed to life – Fratelli. Brought together by love and driven forward by passion, Fratelli is symbolic of a vision manifested by three families who aspired to tell stories through the art of winemaking. Situated on a sprawling 240-acre vineyard, Fratelli is India’s largest privately owned wine estate, with its terroir at the heart of its work. Located in the picturesque Sholapur region of Maharashtra, the vineyards boast nutrient-poor, mineral-rich soils and benefit from the temperate climate, resulting in wines that exude varietal purity and playfulness. Fratelli is not just about crafting exceptional wines; it is also committed to empowering and uplifting the lives of its workers, including employing approximately 100 women, offering equal opportunities, and fostering self-sufficiency. With Piero Masi, the chief viticulturist and winemaker at Fratelli, leading the way, their state-of-the-art, ultra-modern winery facility is equipped with the finest European winemaking equipment, enabling the team to work their magic on the most diverse range of classic and unique wine grape varietals on the Indian subcontinent.

At Fratelli’s 40,000 sqft winery, every detail is meticulously attended to. The facility houses top-of-the-line winemaking equipment sourced from Europe, including bottling and labeling lines from gai in Italy and over 70 fermentation tanks imported from Velo, Italy. The use of the highest quality French Oak barrels, sourced exclusively from coopers Demptos and Saury, adds depth and complexity to the wines. The winery’s high-tech laboratory ensures that the highest level of quality control is maintained at every step of the winemaking process. Piero’s unwavering commitment to producing authentic, single vineyard reserve wines is reflected in the meticulous care taken in the cellar. The choice of barrels used for aging and the selection of wood, the capacity of the containers, and the consideration of each wine component’s specific requirements all contribute to creating wines of balance and elegance. Fratelli’s principles prioritize individuality and diversity, resulting in distinctive and unique reserve wines that capture the essence of their vineyards.

Year           2007

Country     India

Address    18, South Drive Way, Dlf Farms, Chhatarpur

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Fratelli Vineyards

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