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Izumo, Japan


The origin of the Shimane Winery dates back to 1934. After many years from there, the Shimane Winery opened in its current location in 1961. Until then, the grapes that were the raw material for wine were centered on Muscat Bailey, a canton of raw Delaware and contract cultivation, but for the production of higher quality wines. The Yokota Vineyard has a high altitude, and the average temperature is about the same as the recently attracting wine region, Nagano Prefecture.

The Shimane Winery in Izumo City is a sightseeing factory at which Shimane Wine and other original brands are manufactured. With the fastidious aim of providing high-quality wine, the company has even opened its own original farms. Within the factory, visitors can observe the manufacturing process for free as well as sample around ten different kinds of seasonal wines. At the Barbecue House, patrons can have a taste of soft and juicy Shimane beef paired together with wine, and in the sales corner wine-flavored soft-serve ice cream and croquettes made with Shimane. Visitors can also try their hand at making their own unique and original wine, complete with a label design of their own choosing.

Year           1961

Country     Japan

Address    〒717-0602 1205-32, kamifukuda, Hiruzen, Masniwa-shi, Okayama, Japan

Tel:            +81 0853 53 5577

Hours        Monday to Sunday

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Shimane Winery was awarded a Global Winery Certificate Of Excellence in 2022 for its achievements and expertise in the wine industry.

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