Château Khoury

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Zahlé, Lebanon

Château Khoury is a family-run vineyard established by Raymond and Brigitte El Khoury, born out of their passion for the vine and wine. The first vines for wine production were planted in 1995 on a land that had been abandoned after the Lebanese civil war. Old vines and indigenous grape strains were discovered in the ground during the early work of trenching and grading. Today, the vineyard covers 15 hectares around the Château.

The winery was constructed in 2002 and completed in time for the first vinification in 2004. Raymond and Brigitte’s son, Jean-Paul, studied oenology at the Faculty of Reims, and upon his return, he added the knowledge he acquired during his travels to the best French vineyards to his parents’ wine-making experience.

Lebanon’s unique geography has given rise to a rich and complex wine history. Grape growing and wine production have long been integral parts of Lebanese culture. During the Phoenician era, the Lebanese were masters of the wine trade in the Mediterranean region. The Roman era followed, and the lovers of wine honored the wine god Bacchus by erecting spectacular temples to the deity. Today, the remains of one of the most famous temples can still be seen in Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley. Christendom also testifies to the reputation of Lebanese wine, as it was at a wedding reception in Canaa, south Lebanon, that Jesus turned water into wine.

Château Khoury’s vineyard is located 1,300 meters above sea level in the eastern foothills of Mount Lebanon, with exceptional exposure for the vines while maintaining the aridity of the plain in summer. The chateau offers panoramic views of the Bekaa valley, Mount Hermon, and the city of Zahle. The buildings are built of cut stone, respecting the purest traditional Lebanese style to blend in with the picturesque landscape. Château Khoury’s philosophy is to produce high-quality wines that reflect the characteristics of the Lebanese climate and the particular terroir of the estate.

Country     Lebanon

Address    Château Khoury, Dhour, Zahlé, Lebanon

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Château Khoury

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