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Stellenbosch, South Africa​


Waterford Estate is situated in the picturesque Blaauwklippen Valley in Stellenbosch, with vineyards planted on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain. The Helderberg Mountain range is the closet range to the ocean, this has a significant influence on the wines. The cooling effect of the ocean brings freshness and the warmth of Stellenbosch adds richness to the wines.

Waterford Estate is owned by the Ord Family and developed under the watchful eye of Kevin Arnold, Cellar Master and Managing Partner, since 1998. There is nothing pretentious or ostentatious about the estate, rather the visual impact is one of a seamless whole, which complements rather than detracts from the surrounding natural beauty.

The Waterford Estate winery offers a relaxing setting where guests can sit and enjoy various tasting options as well as a delicious meal at SALT Restaurant. With the wine cellar built surrounding the courtyard, guests can observe the workings of the winery, and get a true feel for the wine making process with disrupting the tranquillity of their tasting experience.

Year           1988

Country     South Africa

Address    Upper Blaauwklippen Rd, Helderberg Rural, 7600

Tel:            +27 21 880 5300

Email         info@waterfordestate.co.za  

Hours        Monday to Sunday

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Winery Star
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Waterford Estate was awarded a Global Winery Certificate Of Excellence in 2022 for its achievements and expertise in the wine industry.

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