Steenberg Vineyards

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Constantia Valley, South Africa

The Cape’s first farm, established in 1682, has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Just 20 minutes from the bustling heart of the Mother City, Steenberg feels miles from the world. The original Manor House has been lovingly restored and declared a Provincial Heritage Site. Here the legendary elegance and traditions of the 17th century blend harmoniously with the most refined comforts and conveniences of our modern age.

The philosophy is that the “wines are grown in the vineyard and then cared for in the winery”. Special attention was therefore placed in obtaining the very best and latest known clones and matched to the correct soils and slopes. Environmentally considerate farming practices are employed as far as possible, with the help of non-toxic, natural formulas of pest control, and the employment of natural predators for help in keeping the grapes as healthy as possible.

There are 59.5 hectares under vine of which 70% is white: Sauvignon Blanc (64% of total plantings) and Semillon. The red varieties are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Malbec. The farm is also one of only a handful in the Cape to have invested in the red Italian variety Nebbiolo. From an initial 2000 cases, Steenberg Vineyards now produces over 40 000 cases per annum, with a maximum capacity of 70 000 cases.

Year           1682

Country     South Africa

Address    Steenberg Estate, Steenberg Road, Constantia Valley, 7945, Cape Town

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Steenberg Vineyards

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