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La Spezia, Italy

Welcome to the rich winemaking tradition of this land, where the roots stretch deep into the ancient past. As far back as 177 BC, a Roman colony called “Portus Lunae” was established at the mouth of the Magra River, laying the foundation for the viticultural heritage that thrives here today. The esteemed scholar Pliny the Elder, in his encyclopedic work “Naturalis historia,” praised the wines of this region, declaring, “In Etruria, the wines of Luna bear away the palm.” It is from this origin and inspiration that our name emerges, encompassing the timeless principles that have guided and continue to guide our endeavors in the vineyard and the cellar.

The Bosoni family, deeply connected to this land, has been an integral part of its fabric for four generations. Through the passage of time, both for business and pleasure, we have dedicated ourselves to three fundamental pursuits: tending to the vines, crafting exceptional wines, and safeguarding the rich culture and history of our beloved homeland. We perceive wine as a living organism, one that evolves, expresses itself, and develops its unique identity. Human intervention certainly has its place, assisting the wine in conveying an authentic representation of its terroir.

In our philosophy, we emphasize the harmonious union of knowledge and emotion, maintaining a delicate balance with Mother Nature, who graciously welcomes and nurtures us. We also recognize the importance of our community, with whom we share a profound history, spanning across generations. Together, we cherish the heritage that intertwines our lives and embrace the collective journey we embark upon, hand in hand. With deep respect for the winemaking traditions of the past and a commitment to the future, we invite you to join us on this remarkable vinous adventure, where each sip encapsulates the essence of time, culture, and the indomitable spirit of this land.

Country    Italy

Address   Via Palvotrisia, 2, 19030 Castelnuovo magra SP, Italie

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Ca' Lunae

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It is awarded to wineries that have been recommended by Wine Leaders around the world. It gives a boost in the level of credibility in the global wine community and it is a great way to strengthen the winery image.

Buyers, distributors, business partners and even travelers are more eager to contact awarded wineries to buy their wines and visit the winery. 

The certificate displays wineries name and relevant year, it can be shared on website, social media or used for promotional purposes. It is also possible to receive the framed version by post. 

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