Nelkarisi Friends' Cellar

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Shilda, Georgia

Friends’ Cellar founded in 2009 is an endeavor of a group of friends from 11 different countries all around the world united by their love and appreciation of Georgian wine. They have joined efforts to produce the best wine by combining the authentic wine-growing tradition of Georgia with international winemaking standards and the finest indigenous grape variety. To them, sustainability is more than just a word. It includes the preservation of biological diversity, ecological responsibility, and a respectful approach to non-renewable resources.

The Cellar is built on the place of an ancient city NELKARISI (1st Century A.D). It was the home of Mithraic culture where winemaking was a very important component of life. We have developed two brands: IKANO – a combination of local traditions with international ones, using Georgian grapes along with the international ones; and FRIENDS CELLAR – classic Georgian wines made in full compliance with the Georgian wine traditions. The entire process – from the vineyard to the final product is carried out by a group of high professionals – aiming to get exceptional results.

The vineyards are located in the Kindzmarauli micro-zone, an area of only 120 hectares located on a junction of rivers Alazani and Durudji in Kakheti, Georgia. Kindzmarauli is an area of controlled appellation recognized by the laws of Georgia. The wines from Kindzmarauli are renowned for their exquisite gustatory qualities. Because of the black soil from river Durudji, the temperature is about 3-5˚ higher than in the nearby territories.

Year           2009

Country     Georgia

Address    XPFV+PX6, Nekresi Monastery Road, Kvareli

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Nelkarisi Friends' Cellar




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