Marcel Deiss

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Bergheim, France

Marcel Deiss is a prestigious winery situated in Bergheim near Ribeauvillé, in the heart of the Grand Cru region of Alsace. The estate was established in 1947 and is deeply rooted in a family with a long lineage of winegrowers, blacksmiths, and bell founders who settled in Alsace after significant historical events. Today, the estate is under the management of Mathieu Deiss, who works alongside his father Jean-Michel. Their vision is to produce wines of exceptional quality, emphasizing the importance of terroir over standardized grape varieties. The estate follows biodynamic practices, adopts agroforestry, and aims for very low yields, all of which contribute to their pursuit of producing wines that reflect the unique essence of the land.

For over 40 years, Marcel Deiss has taken a unique approach to winemaking in Alsace, focusing on promoting “Lieu” viticulture and embracing the concept of “Terroir.” Terroir is a complex idea deeply rooted in French philosophy, encompassing the interaction between the land’s physical and metaphysical characteristics and the winemaker’s practices and personality. Marcel Deiss firmly upholds the principles of terroir, allowing the natural attributes of the land to shine through and express the true potential of the vines without resorting to overproduction. This dedication to the essence of the land sets them apart in the world of winemaking.

Marcel Deiss distinguishes itself by maintaining old vines, producing wines with patience, and prioritizing authenticity over quick success. They approach winemaking as dedicated craftsmen, valuing the profound complexity and humanity they believe represents civilization. Their lifelong journey embodies the essence of terroir, cherishing meaningful moments of tasting and creating a distinct identity in the world of winemaking, honoring the land and the craftsmanship of their winemakers.

Year           1947

Country     France

Address    15 Route du Vin, 68750 Bergheim

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Marcel Deiss

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