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Alagni, Greece

Lyrarakis Winery, founded in 1966 by brothers Manolis and Sotiris Lyrarakis, has become a leading force in the wine industry. Based in the Peza appellation near Heraklion, Crete, the winery gained prominence in 1992 when they introduced their own bottled wines under the Lyrarakis name. The second generation of the family has been running the winery for the past 12 years, transforming it into one of the most innovative and forward-thinking wineries on the island. They have successfully filled a significant niche in the market by producing intriguing, characterful wines that are well-packaged and commercially viable, yet still affordable.

During the 1970s and 80s, viticulture in Crete faced challenges due to large-scale replanting with table grapes and international varieties, putting the long history of winegrowing, which dates back 4000 years, at risk. However, the wine producers on the island eventually realized the importance of preserving indigenous grape varieties, well-adapted to the local conditions. Manolis Lyrarakis played a pivotal role in this effort by championing local varieties and ensuring their continued survival. The winery’s commitment to the preservation of traditional grapes is evident in their production of varietal wines from rescued old varieties such as Dafni and Plyto, along with the re-introduction of the almost extinct grape Melissaki.

Lyrarakis Winery’s vineyards, spanning 15 hectares with an additional 15 hectares under contract, include high-altitude sites like the Pirovolikes vineyard, owned by Vassilis and Anna Topsis. Growing Vilana at an altitude of 650 meters, they recognize the significance of altitude in viticulture on Crete. The island’s southern location would be too warm for high-quality grapes without the beneficial temperature-modifying effects of elevated terrain. With a strong focus on indigenous grape varieties and their commitment to quality winemaking, Lyrarakis Winery has emerged as a beacon of Crete’s viticultural heritage and continues to excel in the world of Greek wines.

Year           1966

Country     Greece

Address    Alagni, Arkalochori, 70300

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