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Santorini, Greece

Argyros family, owners of the largest private vineyard holdings on the Greek island of Santorini, prioritize producing the very best wines over producing the most. Their fourth-generation winemaker, Matthew Argyros, focuses on the island’s leading grape, Assyrtiko, overseeing organic farming across the estate, which was established in 1903. The vines are inimitable and trained to grow in basket shapes close to the ground to protect against the fierce winds that embattle the tiny volcanic island. The average vine age is 70, and the oldest vines are over 200 years old.

In 2016, the family finished building their winery, designed by local architects Nikos and Frantseska Tsebelis. The winery combines familiar Santorini elements with a modern aesthetic and boasts a temperature-controlled, gravity-fed facility. Visitors can enjoy the double-height tasting room and feast on local food and wine.

Argyros’ wines are dry and naturally sweet whites, with yields kept deliberately low to concentrate the fruits’ flavors. The family honors each vine and allows each plot of land to dictate when to harvest, how to process and how to age its wines. Assyrtiko is capable of producing powerful white wines, but Estate Argyros maintains subtlety and finesse within their range, making the timings of their harvests of paramount importance to avoid over-ripening. The winery produces varying styles of Assyrtiko, as well as wines from the indigenous Aidani and Mavrotragano grapes, and sweet vin santos capable of extended aging.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the vineyards and winery before enjoying a paired tasting of Assyrtiko alongside local cheeses. For a gastronomic experience, the 90-minute tour includes seven wines showcasing not just Assyrtiko but other grape varieties native to the island, plus some decades-old sweet vin santos.

Country     Greece

Address    Episkopi Gonias 847 00, Greece

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Estate Argyros

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