Peter Lauer

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Ayl, Germany

It was over 100 years ago that Saar wine had a mythical reputation. The oldest vineyard classification in the world from 1832 testifies to the importance of viticulture on the Saar at that time. This historical viticultural cadastre describes the world’s most exclusive and valuable vineyards of the 19th century. At this time, great-great-grandfather Matthias laid the foundation for a 180-year-old tradition.

Riesling is their passion at Weingut Peter Lauer. Their wine estate in Ayl has among the best steep slopes on the Saar. In addition to the famous Ayler Kupp, they cultivate two other important vineyards in the Mosel region: the Saar Feilser directly above the river and the steeply sloping vineyard Schonfels, a little farther upstream. They also replanted and recultivated the now forgotten Lambertskirch, just a stone’s throw from Schonfels. Their white wines have been among the best in the Saar for many years. Since 2013, they have been a member of the VDP (Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates).

Country     Germany

Address    Trierer Straße 49 – 54441 Ayl

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Peter Lauer

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