Champagne Louis Roederer

Reims, France

Founded in 1833, Maison Louis Roederer stands as a testament to the audacity and foresight of its namesake, Louis Roederer. As an heir to the Maison de Champagne, Louis took a visionary approach, seeking to control all aspects of winemaking. Breaking away from the norms of his time, he acquired vines from the revered Grands Crus of Champagne, meticulously cherishing each plot’s unique character. Embracing the belief that great wine finds its roots in the earth, he pioneered the practice of exclusively using grapes from his own vineyards, a tradition upheld to this day.

Louis Roederer’s commitment to excellence was further demonstrated in 1845 when he made a groundbreaking decision to purchase 15 hectares of land in the prestigious grand cru of Verzenay. In a time when grapes held little value, this move allowed him to become a true winemaker, exercising complete control over the elaboration of his vintages. Such bold steps set the Maison apart, with every Louis Roederer vintage since originating solely from their carefully nurtured vineyards.

Embracing a philosophy akin to the Burgundian notion of Climats, Maison Louis Roederer meticulously selects plots and grape varieties, seeking diversity and authenticity. This unwavering dedication to tradition, coupled with an eye toward the future, has paved the way for the House to maintain its exceptional reputation over the years. Today, the Louis Roederer vineyard boasts an impressive expanse of 240 hectares, comprising 410 carefully tended plots. With the same patient vision of champagne and an instinctive audacity, the legacy of Louis Roederer continues, perpetuating a tradition of extraordinary taste and uncompromising quality.

Country    France

Address  21 Bd Lundy, 51100 Reims, France

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Champagne Louis Roederer

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