Hatzidakis Winery

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Santorini, Greece

Hatzidakis Winery, founded in 1997 on the island of Santorini, is a renowned certified organic winery known for its exceptional quality and commitment to organic farming. The late Haridimos Hatzidakis believed in crafting excellent wines through meticulous vineyard care, and this philosophy is evident in every bottle produced. Set in a charming cave winery, Hatzidakis Winery offers visitors a unique experience where wines are allowed to naturally mature without human intervention. With a focus on showcasing the indigenous grape varieties of Santorini, the winery invites guests to discover the island’s terroir expression and savor the true essence of Santorini in each sip.

At Hatzidakis Winery, the legacy and passion of Haridimos Hatzidakis continue through his family and a dedicated team. Despite the loss, they bravely decided to carry on the winemaking journey, ensuring the winery’s ongoing success. The wines, produced in limited quantities, undergo fermentation with indigenous yeasts and are free from chemical additives. They are bottled unfiltered, embodying the family’s dedication to quality and authenticity. Visitors to the winery can partake in guided tours that take them through the cave’s stainless steel wine tanks to the barrel area, where the aged Vinsanto awaits. The knowledgeable staff presents guests with a selection of six wines, complemented by Naxos Graviera Cheese and barley bread. The winery also plans to establish a wine library, further preserving the heritage of Santorini’s winemaking. With open doors year-round, Hatzidakis Winery warmly welcomes wine enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the culture and passion of the Hatzidakis family while discovering the vineyards and exceptional wines of Santorini.

Year           1997

Country     Greece

Address    Pyrgos Kallistis 84700 Santorini, Greece

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Hatzidakis Winery

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