Bodega Jorge Rubio

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Mendoza, Argentina

The province of Mendoza, Argentina, is known for its long-standing tradition in wine production. Located at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in the western region of Argentina, Mendoza boasts the highest concentration of wineries. It is the most important region in terms of wine production, accounting for over 60% of the national production and 80% of the total exports. The vineyards in Mendoza benefit from the ideal climate, with significant temperature variations that contribute to intense colors, exquisite aromas, and suitable freshness in the wines. The region’s environmental conditions also promote plant health, requiring minimal vineyard treatments throughout the year.

Within the Department of General Alvear, the Southern Oasis of the Atuel offers a pristine setting for vine cultivation. This region is renowned for its low pollution levels and is home to vineyards that span across the horizon. The art of wine care and production has been passed down through generations among the inhabitants of this area. The vineyards in the Southern Oasis of the Atuel cover a total of 55 hectares, divided into three estates. The majority of the grape varieties used for winemaking in this region, such as Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay, are sourced from these vineyards. Additionally, some local producers contribute to the variety of grapes available.

Jorge Alberto Rubio, an experienced Argentine winemaker, is based in General Alvear, Mendoza province. With over 40 years dedicated to winemaking, Jorge Rubio has been crafting wines under his own brand since 2003. His wines aim to provide excellent value for money and are now enjoyed across Argentina and in various countries worldwide. The Southern Oasis of the Atuel, where Rubio’s vineyards are situated, offers an ideal environment for winemaking, characterized by its clean and pristine conditions. The passion and expertise in the art of wine production have been ingrained in the local community and passed down through generations.

Year           2003

Country     Argentina

Address    Route 143 and Calle F, General Alvear, Mendoza

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Bodega Jorge Rubio

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