13th Street Winery

Niagara, Canada

Established in 1998 by four wine-enthusiast friends, 13th Street Winery marks over a quarter-century of winemaking in the beautiful Niagara region in 2023. Purchased in 2008 by its current owners, the Mann and Whitty families, the winery represents not just a legacy of excellent wines, but also a place that visitors can call their home away from home. It has evolved into an entity that mirrors the unique terroir of Niagara, and offers guests an immersive experience that goes beyond just winetasting.

The 13th Street Winery’s dedication to quality and innovation was recognized in 2022, when it was named the No.1 Winery in Ontario and ranked second across Canada at the National Wine Awards. Notably, the winery also received the Outstanding Achievement in Architecture from the Niagara Biennial Design Awards 2020, further testament to its commitment to offer the very best to its patrons.

At the heart of the winery’s operations are its owners and partners, Doug and Karen Whitty, and John and June Mann. Bonded by their shared passion for wine, food, art, and a keen sense of hospitality, they continue to uphold the vision for the 13th Street Winery. Both families, deeply rooted in Niagara and devoted to its community, have brought together their unique strengths and experiences to shape the winery’s journey.

Year           1998

Country     Canada

Address    1776 Fourth Ave., St. Catharines, Ontario

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Karen Whitty

Women Wine Leaders

Karen Whitty is Doug’s wife and the General Manager of 13th Street Winery. With a degree in Biochemistry from McMaster University, Karen started her career working for the federal government with Agriculture Canada. Following eighteen years and several scientific publications, Karen left her Vineland Agricultural Research Station in 2005 to devote her time and energy to facilitate the growth and excellence of Whitty Farms. Upon her introduction, Karen implemented and directed administration, marketing, processing and value-added initiatives at Whitty Farms. Congruently, Karen excels at these same responsibilities as General Manager at 13th Street.



13th Street Winery

Cabernet Franc

Intense notes of ripe blueberries, blue plums, black raspberries and a touch of warm spice. On the palate, it is medium-bodied with soft tannins and flavours of plums…

Cuvée Rosé

The mousse is creamy and fine, but the wine is dry and quite bracing with a long, fine finish of fruit skin, ripe stone fruit and light toast. Sparkling wines such as this, with their hint of sugar…

June’s Chardonnay

Our 2021 June’s Chardonnay is light straw in the glass. It is bursting with aromas of lemon zest and golden delicious apple with notes of fresh pottery and flowers…

Expression Riesling

Pale in the glass with aromas of peach, lime zest and flowers, with notes of minerality. The palate is refreshing with bright acidity balanced by subtle sweetness and flavours of candied peach…

Premier Cuvée

The nose is complex with aromas of fresh dough, lemon cream, and stony minerality. On the palate the mousse is fine with flavors of white cherry, red current, lemon cake, almond, fresh croissant…


Dark purple in the glass with intense notes of black currants, ripe cherry, black forest cake and clove.  On the palate, it is full-bodied with chalky tannins and flavours of cherry…

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