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As WIA Ambassador, you will be part of a global wine business community. We connect producers, businesses and professionals in the wine industry from all around the world.

By promoting the finest products of the wine lifestyle and inspiring people to get involved in the WIA network, you will create business and networking opportunities.

Share your passion, build professional relationships, and contribute to the development of your local wine business community.

Ambassador titles

Country and Regional Director

Become a Country or Regional Director and support your local wine community. You will be the leader of your regional wine network and will be able to showcase the local wine producers all over the world.

Promote your profile and contribute to growing the WIA wine community internationally.

Wine Ambassador

Become a Wine Ambassador for a more connected and sustainable wine industry.

Post articles on the WIA magazine, share the news about wine markets and fairs, advertise your favorite wineries on our social media. Find business partners and make their business grow faster.


Become more recognized in the global wine industry

Earn commissions through our Referral Partner program

Increase your visibility through a personalized profile page.

Find potential partners in the wine industry

Be part of the top international wine business community

Get new insights to develop more opportunities.

What you can do

Expand your wine network

Share your passion for wine and connect with wine businesses and professionals.

Improve your community’s online presence through the WIA website and make it truly international.

Support local producers

Promote local wine producers and help them reach international markets.

Offer your local wineries to build their own global showcase on the World Wine Expo.

Share what you know

Collaborate with us to share your ideas for online events and promotion.

Use our WIA magazine to inform about the latest trends in the wine industry. 

monetize your activities

Earn commissions by helping wineries to join the WIA online trade show.

Introduce your business through the  WORLD WINE EXPO.

Born of a passion, we are committed to building 
the world’s largest and finest B2B wine community.


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