Viña Edén

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Maldonado, Uruguay


Viña Edén is a boutique family winery focused on making premium wines in a sustainable manner, taking care of its environment. Mauricio and Rosane came to Uruguay from Brazil and invested in the estate in Puelo Edén, which they fondly call the Tuscany of Uruguay.

They are open all year round with a menu inspired by fresh organic ingredients and small local producer’s specialties. Visitors are offered lunch, wine tastings, can enjoy guided tours to the winery and vineyard, and organize social or corporate events in private spaces or the social area of the winery.

Their vineyards sit on Pueblo Eden’s rocky mountains slopes. The mineral character of the soils and it’s oceanic influence create the ideal conditions for the sustainable production of unique wines. Just minutes away from Punta del Este, on the panoramic Route 12, which is born in the Atlantic and makes its way across the mountains, you will find Viña Eden (Eden´s Vineyard), a naturally beautiful place to live an extraordinary experience.

Year           2009

Country     Uruguay

Address    Ruta 12 km 26, 20400 Pueblo Edén, Departamento de Maldonado, Uruguay 

Tel:            +598 4410 3841

Hours        Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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Viña Edén was awarded a Global Winery Certificate Of Excellence in 2022 for its achievements and expertise in the wine industry.

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