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As a wine B2B community, we are proud to hold the accolade of being recognized as the most active wine business community globally. Our platform enables businesses to generate visually captivating presentations of their products and services, devoid of any technical know-how.

Collaborate with us to feature your preferred winery and improve its connectivity and sustainability. Our partnership also holds the potential to expedite your business’s expansion.

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Become more recognized in the global wine industry

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Support your favorite winery

Foster a strong and collaborative partnership with wineries and provide support for their entry into the global marketplace.

Global Recognition for Recommended Wineries

In addition to increased recognition in the global wine industry, the winery you recommend may also experience an expansion in its customer base, enhanced credibility and reputation, and potentially increased revenue and profitability.


Upon becoming our partner, we devote all our efforts to aid in your success. You receive comprehensive advertising, social media promotions, opportunities to make new connections, and mutual support.

Born of a passion, we are committed to building 
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