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Become a WINERY Member. Gain recognition in the global wine market and connect with wine leaders, buyers and partners from all over the world.

In addition to a vibrant wine business community, your WIA membership will give you access to exclusive benefits such as the Winery Guide and the World Wine Expo where you are able to showcase your brand to an international audience. WIA will also help you promote your business with articles and social media activities. 

At the Wine International Association, we are constantly growing and innovating to build a better, more sustainable wine business community, and ensure the success of our Members.

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Influencers can contribute to the promotion of your winery and be great ambassadors for your wines by creating content in line with your values.

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All winery members receive an attractive and effective winery page in the WIA Winery Guide. Generate business inquiries and targeted traffic to your website and online social media activities.

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In depth coverage that deepens your relationships with your stakeholders and extends your global reach.


Multiple communication channels including magazine, online trade show, social media & partners outlets.


Be part of the excitement that brings wine communities together. Share your own events, too.


Be included in videos and reels posted by WIA and share videos and reels with the wine world, too.


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Membership is open to companies of all nationalities. Once application is submitted to the WIA, we will review each applicant. The approval process takes one week.


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A Free SILVER, GOLD or VIP Membership IN the Online

World Wine Expo

Empowering Your Wine Businesses

Grow Your Winery Brand Internationally by Connecting with a Global B2B Wine Network.

Target B2B Wine Audience Around The World

The World Wine Expo isn’t just one trade show but a group of tradeshows based on location and product type.

This means you can be part of several expos at the same time. Depending on your location, wines or wine related products, you can automatically join up to 6 different online wine trade shows where thousands of potential buyers will be able to see your showcase and get in touch with you.

For instance, you can be part of the World Wine Expo, the Italy Wine Expo and the Organic Wine Expo at the same time, targeting several wine niches worldwide.

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