Dragomir Estate Winery

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Brestnik, Bulgaria

Crafting Tradition and Quality in Bulgarian Winemaking

Founded in the summer of 2006, Dragomir Estate Winery encapsulates a dream – the creation of a wine home built on perseverance, a deep understanding of viticulture, and a passion for exceptional wines.

Over time, Dragomir adapted to diverse locations for vinification, always driven by a consistent vision: to produce wines that embody a distinct style and uncompromising quality. Their mission revolves around harnessing Bulgaria’s unique micro regional terroir and championing indigenous grape varieties such as Rubin, Mavrud, and Dimyat. These principles are embodied in the rich blends they meticulously craft.

Today, the Dragomir name symbolizes quality in the wine industry. They strive to continue this legacy with each new vintage. Their latest achievement, the new Dragomir Winery Estate, marries avant-garde architecture with state-of-the-art technology, designed to match the distinct style of their wines.

Boasting a production capacity of 90,000 bottles annually, primarily red wines, the new winery is equipped with cutting-edge technology and top-tier barrels. Visitors are offered a unique experience in the integrated tasting room, where they can savor Dragomir’s wines while observing the winemaking process.

Nestled in the heart of the Thracian valley, the Dragomir Winery Estate resonates with a rich winemaking legacy that dates back to antiquity. Thracians, celebrated for their exceptional winemaking skills, crafted aromatic, robust wines, so exquisite that they earned the praise of the legendary poet Homer. Today, Dragomir pays homage to this legacy by naming their signature wine ‘PITOS,’ after an ancient Thracian vessel used for wine production and storage.

Visitors to Dragomir Winery Estate are welcomed into a world of comprehensive winemaking understanding. The experience is immersive, revealing who crafts the wine, where it ferments, the aging process, and how to taste wine properly. All of this takes place in Dragomir’s new home in Brestnik village.

The tasting room, with its warm ambiance, invites guests to observe the transformation from grape to wine while savoring a glass of their choice. The visit is complemented with a leisurely stroll through the Old City of Plovdiv, a visit to the Bachkovo Monastery, or other local attractions. A visit to Dragomir Winery Estate thus evolves into a deep dive into Bulgarian wine tradition and heritage.

Country      Bulgaria

Address      ул. Независимост 81, 4107 Brestnik, Bulgaria

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Dragomir Estate Winery

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