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Niagara, Canada

Crafting wines with intention, this winery captures the essence of local terroirs using indigenous yeasts and grapes from older vineyard parcels. Prioritizing low-impact viticulture and organics, they emphasize environmental sustainability. Through careful barrel selection and minimal intervention, they create pure, subtly textured wines that elegantly reflect their vineyard origins, drawing inspiration from Niagara’s delicate ancient lakebed terroirs.

The Bachelder estate showcases their dedication to crafting pure, nuanced wines with environmentally-conscious methods. They vinify single-vineyard wines with indigenous yeasts and carefully select fruit from old vines, aiming to faithfully represent the unique terroirs of the Niagara region. Located in Beamsville, their cellar serves as the heart of operations, while strategically scattered vineyards throughout the Niagara Peninsula reflect the winemaker’s expertise. Collaborating closely with vineyard partners, they ensure each bottle encapsulates the true essence of the terroir, reflecting the region’s terroir shaped by retreating glaciers.

With a meticulous approach, the winery curates wines that resonate with Niagara’s delicate terroirs. Adhering to artisanal techniques and environmentally-friendly practices, they uphold their mission of producing exceptional wines. By carefully selecting aging barrels, they allow the fragrance and distinctiveness of each terroir to shine while respecting the natural grape characteristics. Nestled in the picturesque Niagara Escarpment, the Bachelder estate remains committed to crafting finely perfumed wines with a tightly wound structure that embody the refined fruit and textured minerality defining the region.

Country     Canada

Address    Beamsville, Niagara, Ontario V.Q.A.

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Mary Delaney

Women Wine Leaders

Thomas Bachelder, Winemaker & Owner, and Mary Delaney, Owner. Just three years after his marriage, he went off with his young bride to study in Beaune, Bourgogne, to become a vigneron. Thomas hails from Montreal, Canada, and has previous experience working in all three regions. Until 2010 Bachelder was the founding winemaker at Le Clos Jordanne in Niagara, a position he took after experience working and studying wine in Burgundy, before working as a winemaker at Lemelson in Oregon.




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