Hemel-en-Aarde, South Africa​

Greek for “a serene state of mind, free from worry and preoccupation”, Ataraxia lives up to the hype. Aptly called The Skyfields, Ataraxia Wines is perfectly positioned on a commanding rise in the beautiful Hemel-en-Aarde wine-growing area. Hemel-en-Aarde is Afrikaans for “heaven and earth” and the claim is justified. The estate sits on a particularly heavenly stretch of land beneath a lofty peak of the Babylon’s Tower mountain range. In addition to its unrelenting beauty, Ataraxia is home to some of the most spectacular terroirs South Africa has to offer.

Just a short distance from the coastal village of Hermanus, a picture-perfect drive brings you to the most elevated part of these winelands. Here you can experience jaw-dropping vineyard, valley and mountain views: all from their chapel-like Wine Lounge. From the beginning their soils have dictated which grape cultivars they plant. These are important vehicles to express their terroir and ultimately the wines you have come to enjoy. Their wines are a pure expression of the soil in which they grow. Currently, they have a total of twelve hectares under vine with a further twelve planned for the future.

Year           2004

Country     South Africa

Address    The Skyfields Farm, Hemel-en-Aarde Road, Hermanus, 7200

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Ataraxia Wines

Classico DOC 2022

This expression of Cinsault causes one to pause and muse. It draws one in and urges one to pay a little bit more attention. Much more sublime than overtly riveting, it is a complete and assured wine, but in an understated way. The Marroquin 2022 seeks to explore the seductive, sleek side of Cinsault’s persona…


Our wooded red wine is made from a grape which is arguably the most suited of any variety to express terroir and sense of place. Grown on low-vigour, stony, clay-rich Bokkeveld Shale derived soils, the maritime-influenced climate is so marked that Ataraxia’s Pinot noirs are the very last to be picked in the Hemel-en-Aarde…


The only raison d’etre of any blend is to express a style of wine. The antithesis is to construct a wine that is a considered (or worse, random) concoction of few or many grape varieties with little or no desire to achieve a stylistic expression. Blends are expressions of “where from” rather than “what from”…


In the most accurate and faithful way possible, our unapologetically wooded white wine mirrors the terroir in which our Chardonnay vines are grown. In other words, it is an expression of the low vigour, stony, clay-rich Bokkeveld Shale derived soils and the heavily maritime-influenced climate…


Our cool-climate, alchemy-free unwooded white wine celebrates the virtues of elegance, vivacity and finesse. Most importantly, the Sauvignon Blanc grape is merely the chosen vehicle to express the free-draining Table Mountain Sandstone and Cape Granite soils on which the vines are planted…

Limited Release 2022

An intriguing range extension from Chardonnay maestro Kevin Grant, this was fermented on its skins before ageing in older wood. Unusual, waxy and slightly tannic, with supporting acidity, lovely minerality and a savoury tang, and Cape Granite Soils on which the vines are planted…

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