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The World Wine Expo allows businesses to develop global partnerships in the wine sector.
It has all the advantages of a classic trade show and is available 24/7 from any location, for FREE!

The WIA welcomes you in our vibrant B2B network of wine buyers, sellers, wholesalers and retailers. We seek to promote the diversity and richness of wine around the world, creating business opportunities for all.

The World Wine EXPO was made possible by BtoTree, the largest Online Expo in the world.

BtoTree extends the traditional trade show concept into vibrant and lasting online business communities focused around any location, category and interest, making it possible for thousands of wine businesses to gather for a virtual wine fair and meet directly with buyers.

Join the World Wine EXPO now and get the chance to showcase your products and services
to a wide international audience!

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You can easily create a stunning showcase of your products and services with no technical skills. Your Business Page is a lead generation page that allows you to run worldwide advertising. Once set up, your online showcase is always on. Your products are shown in the World Wine EXPO, so that buyers and partners in the wine industry around the world can find and connect with you easily.

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