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By joining the Wine International Association (WIA), you will get the opportunity to connect with wine businesses, wineries and wine professionals from all over the world.

In addition to a vibrant wine business network, your WIA membership will give you access to exclusive benefits  such offered by the World Wine Expo, where you will be able to showcase your products and services to an international audience.

Use your WIA member status to gain recognition in the wine market. Improve your online visibility and strengthen your brand through a dedicated profile page,  articles and social media posts about your business.

At the Wine International Association, we are constantly growing and innovating to build a better, more sustainable wine business community, and ensure the success of our Members.

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Connect easily with wine professionals in 200 countries.

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Enjoy instant recognition from our international wine community.

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An attractive profile page with links to your website and social media.

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Attract followers globally through WIA posts.

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Articles about your wine business in our WIA Magazine.

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Showcase up to 300 products on the online WORLD WINE EXPO .

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Learn about major wine business and trade events around the world.

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Receive .

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Be part of our online World Wine EXPO on BtoTree, the largest online Expo where buyers can connect with producers and build partnerships across geographic boundaries.

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