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Empowering individuals in the wine sector from across the globe to become impactful leaders, who motivate, inspire and lead with passion and compassion.


WIA is passionate about changing the status quo so that people can realize their full potential and make a positive impact upon the wine world.


Bringing together people, businesses, and organizations in the wine industry globally. We provide the highest quality platform for members to network and grow in the wine industry.


Our goal is to build the world’s leading wine trusted community. Just like winemakers cherish their best vines, we cultivate trust among our members.

"Your network is your Networth"
- Porter Gale

The Leading Online Wine Trade Show !

Connecting wine professionals and businesses has never been easier. You can easily contact WINE EXPO participants by messaging them directly on the platform or even making video calls.

100 Wine Ambassadors Across The Globe !

Wine Ambassador is a lifestyle, an adventure that begins with wine and continues with people.

Connecting a Community of Wine Women !

Inspiring Women who turn challenges into opportunities, fermenting their success with their visionary leadership in a one global network within the Wine Industry 

350 Wineries Winery Star Guide !

The Winery Star Guide was created to inspire the global wine community to explore further. It’s a community where uniqueness and passion for wine is celebrated and everyone is rewarded by the experiences collected along the way.

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A B2B Wine Network Across 5 Continents