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Wine Influencers Business Collaboration

Are you a wine influencer looking to grow your brand
by working with wineries and wine businesses?

WIA connects wine influencers with wineries and wine brands all over the world. We provide wine influencers with opportunities to leverage their following.

Thousands of wine brands are looking for impactful and enthusiastic voices, just like yours. 

We help influencers and brands with aligned interests and goals. In this way they can grow together – no matter where they are in the world.


Do what
you love

Finding the right brand is a hard task, but we want to take the guesswork out of it. Our community can help you find a brand that your audience will want to know about and would be inline with you. You are free to accept or decline any match for whatever reason.

Be a part of
WIA community

Partnerships with wineries from all over the world give you an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and share your wine passion with your audience. All our influencers are a part of the global wine community, collaborating and shaping the world of wine industry together.

Keep your
audience engaged

Working with a partner that aligns with you , and your community, you can create more relevant and interesting content. This will help you keep your following engaged, build your own personal brand and be a trendsetter in your niche. 

Join a global community of wine influencers

Our members network with their peers and businesses on and off the community. Within the community you can share knowledge, ideas and create new and exciting collaborations with other influencers for wineries.

Connect with wineries and wine businesses

WIA helps building successful and lasting relationships with wine professionals by taking on the responsibilities of matching the winery with the right influencer. By joining us you can collaborate and promote brands only you like in a way that corresponds to your vision and brand image the most.


Create Engaging

Collaborating with a winery enables you to get access to exclusive infirmation and materials making your content be it a post, story, or a video engaging and diverse.

organiZe wine

Depending on winery you can host online events such as virtual wine tastings, winery tours and educational webinars. 

Support local

Promote local wine producers and help them expand and  reach international markets.


WIA only aims to match you with the brand that suit you best so you can connect with them and create authentic relationships and share your passion for wine with your following. 

Increase your audience

Generate large followings of enthusiastic, engaged people who value your opinion and would like to learn more about wine industry. Get special offers from wineries for your audience

Gain more

WIA only aims to match you with the brand that suit you best so you can connect with them and create authentic relationships and share your passion for wine with your following. 


Reward wineries with a certificate of excellence issued by WIA.

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Earn commissions by helping wineries to join the WIA online trade show.


Use our WIA magazine to inform about the latest trends in the wine industry. 

Become a WIA Ambassador

Share your passion, build professional relationships, and contribute to the development of your local wine business community. Improve your community’s online presence through the WIA website and make it truly international.

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