Frédéric Magnien

Winery Star

Wine Leaders' Choice

Bourgogne, France

The art of winemaking has deep roots, often passed down through generations like a treasured family heirloom. Michel Magnien stands proudly as the fourth generation of vintners in the Magnien family, a lineage woven into the tapestry of winemaking history. From his earliest days, Michel’s hands were no strangers to the vines, as he toiled alongside his father, Bernard Magnien, the third-generation owner of a 4-hectare vineyard.
With passion as their compass, they nurtured, harvested, and crafted these vines into wines that would later tell the story of their dedication. Central to biodynamic viticulture is the application of meticulously prepared solutions, imbued with energy and intention. These formulations enrich the soil and nourish the vines, enhancing their intrinsic connection to the land. The celestial dance of the moon guides planting, pruning, and harvesting, optimizing each activity for maximum efficacy.
Michel Magnien and his lineage stand as stewards of tradition, custodians of terroir, and champions of biodynamic principles. Their wines are not just libations but vessels carrying the essence of their devotion to the land and their unwavering belief in the power of nature’s wisdom. As we raise a glass of their meticulously crafted vintage, let us toast to the Magnien family’s enduring commitment to preserving the past while embracing the future.

Country    France

Address 26 route Nationale 21220 Morey-Saint-Denis

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Frédéric Magnien

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