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Calabria, Italy

From the era of the ancient Greeks, the land known as “Enotria Tellus” or the “Land of Wine” has been celebrated. Today, this region is Calabria, a tapestry of art, nature, and traditions. With villages like Marzi echoing its rich history, Calabria is uniquely positioned between the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west and the Ionian Sea to the east. Its diverse landscape of hills and mountains creates a unique climate, perfect for nurturing vineyards and producing wines with distinct characteristics.

Calabria’s wines, with their unmistakable flavors, are a testament to the region’s ideal climate and centuries-old winemaking traditions. Dr. Vittorio Colacino, a country doctor, was one such individual who contributed to this legacy. Beyond his medical practice, he had a deep passion for reviving ancient grape varieties. From this passion, he crafted the “Britto” wine, known for its rich aroma of spicy black cherries. This led to the establishment of Colacino Winery in 1968, now managed by his children, Mauro and Maria Teresa. They’ve innovatively carried forward their father’s legacy, always prioritizing the wine’s intrinsic quality and its storied past.

In 1975, Mario Soldati’s book “Vino al Vino alla ricerca dei vini genuini” highlighted his visit to Dr. Colacino. He praised the doctor’s dedication to both medicine and winemaking, emphasizing the shift in the wine industry from quality to quantity. Dr. Colacino believed in the art of crafting genuine wines, even if it meant financial challenges. Today, Colacino Winery continues this tradition, producing wines that encapsulate Calabria’s essence. From robust reds to aromatic rosés and fresh whites, each bottle is a tribute to Calabria’s rich winemaking heritage and the timeless spirit of “Enotria Tellus.”

Country     Italy

Address    Via Colle Manco 87050 Marzi (CS)



Colacino Wines



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