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WIA Certificate of Excellence

WIA Certificate
Of Excellence

WIA Winery Certificate is specifically designed to enhance value and presence of your favourite winery on a global scale. Wine influencers, sommeliers, writers and experts can make an impact within the wine community.

The certificate is issued for a certain level of reliability and expertise in the wine industry and is a great and valuable asset for wineries, whether they are local or already developed internationally. The award of this certificate is an efficient and affordable way to show your values and strengthen your partner wineries internationally.

Winery Certificate
stands for


Become A Trusted
Wine Authority

WIA gives you authority to grant a Winery Certificate of Excellence to your favourite wineries. 

Reward Your
Favorite Wineries

Make your wineries feel that their hard work and efforts are recognized and appreciated, be a facilitator for future growth.

Make An Impact Within
The Wine Community

Support your favourite wineries, help them expand, gain recognition and reach international markets.

Advantages For Wineries

Stand out from your competitors, gain  recognition and strong credibility in your customers’ mind.

Global international exposure allows wineries to grow a bigger customer and networking base.

Join WIA community and get access to other experts and professionals within the wine industry.

Granted By

Wine experts who are authorised to give the certificate.

Wine Sommelier

Wine Influencer

Wine Blogger

Our Process

Follow the process and 

Additional Features

Wineries can showcase and promote their brand and connect with buyers and partners from all over the world. 

Publish articles in WIA magazine about wineries, their products and services.

Host online events such as virtual wine tastings, winery tours and educational webinars. 

Collaborate with wineries and create engaging content for your audience.


Influencer - Business

Connect wine wineries and wine brands all over the world and leverage your following.

Reward your favourite winery with a winery certificate of excellence !​