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The wine production in Spain has changed radically over the last decades. Just 25-30 years ago, most Spanish wineries focused more on getting as much out of their grapes without looking too much on the quality of the product. Wine was sold by the kilo/liter in the past. Below you will find 10 wineries that are easy to visit from cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao.

Spain’s long been a prolific wine-producing country—in fact, it has the world’s highest amount of vineyard area at 2.4 million acres. But it wasn’t until recently that there was a global excitement around Spanish wine. In the past two decades alone, exports of the stuff have doubled, with the United States being the top destination. It makes sense, then, that American tourists are looking to experience first-hand the wonders of Spanish wine right at the source, the way they’ve done for ages in Piedmont or Bordeaux. In 2017, Spanish wineries saw a 21% increase in visitors compared to the previous year.

Wineries in Spain

Recaredo Winery Star Wine Leaders’ Choice Awarded By: Olga Sofia Schiaffino Recaredo Barcelona, Spain Located…