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La Rioja Alta S.A.

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Haro, Spain

In 1890, La Rioja Alta SA was founded by five families sharing a common passion for wine. It was the start of an ongoing quest for excellence that their descendants still pursue. Since then they have managed to extract the best from the marriage of their tradition in wine ageing, to state-of-the-art technology in grape fermentation. Their wines have become an international reference for the finest Rioja wines.

Nature is the basis of their work and that is why, every day, they renew their commitment to respect and protect it. To do this, they limit treatments in the vineyards, invest in clean energy, reuse water and use corks and boxes managed in a sustainable manner.

La Rioja Alta SA is facing a new milestone in its environmental commitment, allocating 16 hectares (40 acres) of vineyards to 100% organic viticulture. It has an installation of a big solar farm in Labastida (Alava) that will avoid the annual emission of 41.57 tonnes of CO2.

Year           1890

Country     Spain

Address    Av. Vizcaya, 8, 26200 Haro, La Rioja

Tel:            +34 941 31 03 46

Hours       Monday to Saturday

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The estate has a wide range of delicious wines that are highly respected by wine experts. 

Global Winery
Certificate Of Excellence

Seigneurie de Peyrat was awarded a Global Winery Certificate Of Excellence in 2022 for its achievements and expertise in the wine industry.

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