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Montepulciano, Tuscany, Italy

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Located just outside the quiet village of Valiano di Montepulciano, with Cortona on one side and Montepulciano on the other, Avignonesi winery is comprised of 9 vineyard plots, a villa, a chapel and the historic wine cellars. It produces certified organic, biodynamic (Biodyvin) and vegan wines.

Named after the original founders of the estate, the Avignonesi family in 1974, the winery has undergone an exciting journey since it was first established. Acquired by Virginie Saverys in 2009, Avignonesi has grown in size and at the same time has become a leader in biodynamic viticulture in Italy. Since the acquisition and thanks to Virginie’s respect for the ecosystem, her staff and the final consumer, the winery has started producing and crafting organic wines that are truly authentic to their origins yet singular and unique.

To date, the estate has grown to 175 hectares of vineyards including the purchase of a state-of-the-art winemaking facility in the Montepulciano appellation. The Avignonesi wines enhance the richness and elegance of the Montepulciano heritage. Sangiovese wines have been produced for centuries here, and the fascination that lies around this appellation is elevated by the “back to basics, no un-natural intervention” approach that biodynamic viticulture entails.

Year           1974

Country     Italy

Address    Via Colonica 1, 53045 Montepulciano 

Tel:            +390578724304

Email:        info@avignonesi.it

Hours       Monday to Friday

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The estate has a wide range of delicious wines that are highly respected by wine experts. 

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Seigneurie de Peyrat was awarded a Global Winery Certificate Of Excellence in 2022 for its achievements and expertise in the wine industry.

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